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PRA Selection & Assessment Practice: A Foundation for Organizational Success

Hiring highly qualified people gives your organization a competitive edge. For more than 25 years, Personnel Research Associates (PRA) has helped organizations meet selection, promotion, and development challenges through science-based assessment systems that meet real-world needs. Using professionally developed tests and assessments, you can confidently identify individuals who have the skills to help your organization succeed.

Our expert staff of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists combines scientific rigor with practical consulting experience and an in-depth understanding of business practices to create tests that measure knowledge, skills, abilities, and other personal characteristics (KSAs) that are critical to specific jobs in your organization.

Why Test?

Managers sometimes question the value of formal testing for hiring or promotions. The answer is really simple: It works! Tests help you focus on the requirements of the job and measure individuals against those requirements. Selection research demonstrates time and again that hiring the right people results in better job performance, which translates into higher productivity, better decisions, and fewer errors.

Let PRA professionals show you how to improve your productivity through careful selection.

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