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PRA offers a full range of selection and assessment services including:
Customized Employee Selection Systems Executive Assessments
Off-the-Shelf Selection Test Batteries Competency Modeling
Testing Support Services Performance Measurement and Management Tools
Legal Support Services Multi-Rater Surveys
Succession Planning  
Customized Employee Selection Systems
Many organizations want their own customized selection instruments for reasons such as security, cost management, or organizational competitiveness. PRA develops proprietary selection systems covering a wide range of jobs, instruments, and content areas. PRA also combines the most appropriate instruments - both proprietary tests and off-the-shelf test - into customized selection systems. If your organization has a need for customized tests or selection systems, PRA can develop tools that measure critical job skills fairly.
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Off-the-Shelf Selection Test Batteries
PRA is continually developing selection test batteries for a variety of job families. These test batteries are designed to fit a variety of organizational situations and to withstand business and legal scrutiny. Our test batteries are composed of many different tests, and you may select those that best fit your needs, culture, and time frames. These test can be administered via the web or traditional paper and pencil formats.

All PRA test batteries are developed in accordance with legal and professional guidelines. While some organizations prefer (or need) to conduct their own validation studies, others may choose to use our "transportability" process. This easy-to-use process links the requirements of your job to the tests and the jobs on which the test battery was validated and provides a basis for supporting the relevancy of these tests to your jobs. Visit Selection Systems for a current listing of the job families for which the test batteries are available and more detailed information regarding how you can easily establish the validity of a PRA test battery for jobs in your organization.

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Testing Support Services
If your organization requires support for specific testing issues, PRA can help. Our consultants can:

  • Audit your test administration practices to make them consistent and more efficient.
  • Develop test policies and procedures.
  • Document test research and practices.
  • Develop study guides and practice test materials.
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    Legal Support Services
    Regardless of how carefully a test is developed, researched, and implemented, organizations may sometimes need to defend their selection practices. PRA's Industrial and Organizational Psychologists can help you build your defense for court cases or labor arbitration cases. We analyze archival test data and test practices to determine if they meet professional and legal guidelines and provide expert testimony in the event your selection process faces a legal challenge.
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    Succession Planning
    Succession planning for key executive and management positions is critical to the continuing viability of any organization. PRA can help you:

  • Define the requirements of leadership positions in your organization.
  • Create integrated assessment strategies for evaluating the strengths and limitations of the current management team.
  • Evaluate the readiness of managers to fill specific positions.
  • Create integrated development strategies to ensure management continuity.
  • Recognize specific opportunities and assignments that accelerate individual development.
  • Conduct organizational assessments and identify where critical skills are in short supply and management bench strength is weak.
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    Executive Assessments
    From time to time, an organization may need individual assessments of individuals for hiring, promotion, or development. PRA's Industrial and Organizational Psychologists can custom tailor assessments to measure the key KSAs and behaviors required for leadership positions or other key roles in your organization. Once the requirements of the job are established, our psychologists administer the assessment tests, conduct in-depth interviews, integrate all candidate information, and provide feedback about the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.
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    Competency Modeling
    Understanding the requirements of individual positions and the needs of your organization as a whole is a prerequisite to effective individual and organizational development. PRA consultants are highly experienced at developing competency models that drive individual and organizational development. Using a variety of methods to collect objective information, our experts integrate information about jobs and organizations into comprehensive competency models.
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    Performance Measurement and Management Tools
    PRA consultants are highly experienced in developing and implementing assessment systems used in performance management, merit reward systems, and individual development and planning initiatives. We can help you implement solutions that incorporate the latest advances in information technology and provide the corresponding support for feedback, action planning, and rater training.
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    Multi-Rater Surveys
    Multi-rater surveys provide another source of information important to understanding the capabilities of current employees. PRA offers state-of-the-art technology for multi-rater surveys. Entirely web-enabled, we provide comprehensive survey authoring, deployment, and reporting toolkits. Full administrative support is also provided online, allowing you to tailor the multi-rater process to fit the way your organization is structured. PRA also offers complementary off-line processes for those organizations requiring a more traditional approach to data collection and reporting.
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